nominated best screenplay at MethodFest

  written and directed by  
       Jamin Winans


           available on DVD
A young, jaded news photojournalist, Aaron Dougherty, has just broken the biggest national news story of the year, the arrest of a key suspect of two child murders. Due to his recent accomplishments, Aaron's career is at an all-time high and his future at his news station looks bright. Suddenly his life is thrown into immediate chaos when he wakes in a field in the middle of nowhere and discovers he has been missing for the last 24 hours. Aaron quickly finds himself fighting for both his career and sanity as he attempts to piece together what happened. Due to his time lapse, Aaron realizes that it's quite possible the wrong man was rearrested for the murders and the media is seemingly manipulating the story to the public. But how and why is this tied to him waking up in a field? Through an extraordinary journey, Aaron is forced to reexamine his life before understanding the mysterious events of the last 24 hours.

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