Gina Scalzi plays "Jade Palado" in SPOTLESS, a Crime Action Thriller written and directed by the late James Kelsey.

part of the HD Showcase at the Toronto Film Festival 2005

In the depths of lower downtown Denver, a stylish and twisted drama is about to play out. Obsession will lead men and women to turn on their friends, loved ones, and even strangers. And obsession will ultimately lead to murder.

Martin Palado lives a life of luxury and ease. The self-made millionaire, and owner of Palado Software, has recently put the company in the capable but erratic hands of his daughter Jade, a woman as brittle and affectionate as a sliver of glass. Since his retirement, Martin's mind has led him to dark obsessions. Eyes glazing over as he talks to himself, Martin dresses in dirty, ragged clothing, and posing as a bum, he panhandles on the streets of downtown Denver. When Martin proves to be a failure at begging, he slyly solves the problem in the only way he knows. He calls for a hitman to remove his competition. Soon, the alleys of Denver are littered with the bodies of those unfortunates who chanced to threaten the "livelihood" of the eccentric millionaire bum.

Across town from the affluence of Martin's world, the lives of Johnny Stockman and his coke-dealing buddies Mike Booker and Larry Zuck have achieved a similar downward trend. Days spent at dead end jobs fade into nights in which their minds are blurred by too much beer and cocaine; the only high point, their weekly Tuesday night craps game. But even the craps game is threatened when Mike's obsession with a pair of loaded dice leads him to try to cheat his friends. Mike's relationship with his girlfriend Fiona is threatened by the presence of nude photos, including some of Jade Palado, Mike and Johnny's boss, that Larry has stolen from his job at the Quick-Pic Photo Mat.

Into all these lives, comes Jackson Hash and his fetish for cleanliness. A longtime "remover of obstacles" for Martin Palado, Jack has no qualms about taking the millionaire's money in order to help him live out his twisted fantasy. He skillfully picks off the back alley denizens, but when one hit takes an especially violent turn, he reassesses and decides to leave his life of crime. Jack takes this opportunity to open a new business where he eventually employs and befriends Johnny. After boastfully showing Johnny the stash of money left from his work for Martin, he is invited to join the Tuesday night craps game. When Mike's loaded dice finally manage to find their way onto the table, Jack discovers that his life hasn't really come clean; and all their lives are changed forever.